Under the orders of the marquis Gonzaga, mathematician and astrologe Bartolomeo Manfredi completed in 1473 the astrological clock. The Gonzaga family ruled Mantua 1328 and 1707. With Duke-composer Guglielmo and his son Vincenzo, the Gonzaga´s court reached its highest point: Missa a sei voci (Monteverdi), motets (G. Gonzaga) and madrigals (Striggio)

The last decades have brought to light an important number of “new” works by Morales, and the autorship of some others have been challenged, or simple proved wrong. His opera omnia has thus suffered significant changes. “Morales reloaded” presents some of those works by Morales which happen not to be his and, more importantly, some of the pieces recently discovered.

Codex Lerma is a Spanish manuscript found in Lerma (Burgos, Spain) preserved in the library of the University of Utrecht with the siglum UtreR 3 L 16 It was once part of the library of the 1st Duke of Lerma, favorite of Philip III of Spain. He was the first of the validos ('most worthy') through whom the later Habsburg monarchs ruled. It contains mainly madrigals and chansons, but also some motet and some instrumental dances. This program is performed with Spanish wind ensemble La Caravaggia (Barcelona)

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